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Customized solutions and their effectiveness are the main features of our services. We invite you to get a general idea of what we do and for a discussion on how we can assist and support you in your business, we kindly invite you to contact us using the details on the Contact page.

The Tools


The Blitz is all about communication. Video conference, webinars, articles for your professional self.

REX - Registration Engine for eXibitions

Exhibiting webware from A to Z. If you are a venue or an organizer, REX completes your events with this online collaboration tool.


Customized inside analysis of company information. We deliver custom depth reports on any company, sector, geogrephical area within our portofolio.

Pixel Master

Wanna look cool on the Internet or in real life? The Pixel Master provides tailored solution for your marketing presence. And no, we do not do SEO. You can do that yourself.

Market Maker

So you have a product you want to sell and you are having a difficult time in identifying your customers? We will do that for you! Because we know how!

Stock Killer

Ok, you have made a mistake. We all do. No need to keep your money blocked in products nobody needs. We will save you from that frustration!

What our clients say

Web design Istra

We have no clients! Just friends!

D. Chiorean, CEO

Aham, and do you that will work?

H. Motit, President of AAIR

What do you mean I need to address my message according to my audience? You mean my customers?

S. Brotac, CEO S_IND

Hi, is this Precise Marketing?

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The web says some words. We say some more, but let`s meet and discuss your needs. We are here to help you achieve the degree of success you want and deserve!

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